Bao Gong Peking Opera Chinese style creative Black T-shirt Unisex

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Peking Opera T-shirt Product parameters

Round neck
Sleeve Type
sleeve length
short sleeve
Design details
Flower pattern
Subdivision style
Clothing craft
Thermal transfer
Print theme
Chinese culture
Fabric classification
Knitted fabric
Basic style
Listed season
Summer 2017
Material composition
Cotton 100%
Applicable scene

Cleaning Method

Please use 40C ° warm water or cold water, it is recommended to wash by hand, try not to wash with a washing machine. When washing, the whole piece of clothing should be turned inside and out to prevent deformation and damage of the clothes. Do not use a washing machine to dry.

Keep the pattern bright, please turn the pattern into the clothes when washing, quickly machine wash, do not soak and wash repeatedly, do not use alkaline detergent recommended laundry detergent.


Do not wring out the washed clothes to avoid deformation of the clothes. Do not expose to the sun during drying. It is recommended to use the inside out to dry out to avoid fading.

Dry the clothes, do not pull the clothes hard, prevent the clothes from being increased in weight. Hanging on the hangers will cause deformation. It is recommended to use a net bag for drying.

Background Story

In the history of Chinese opera, no bureaucrat can be as frequent as Bao Zheng, and it can appear on the theater stage of the past generations so frequently. It has been playing for a long time and has become a very famous drama called “Banggong Opera”. The popularity of Bao Gong opera, from south to north, involves almost all kinds of opera. The Bao Gong in the drama is not the same as the real character Bao Zheng in history, but with some idealized color, the collection of the image of the cheap image. In Bao Gong, Bao Gong is not only a clean and honest, unselfish, mentally motivated, law-abiding official, but also a superman with a god, a ghost, a spiritual function, and a half-god. In his body, he embodies the expectation of the old officials in the autocratic society and the yearning for social justice. The twists and turns of the Baogong opera are not clear, and they also won the favor of today's audience.

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